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Created by our computer science majors, UWtools.com features free tools for UW students.
Give feedback and request new tools via the requests form. Enjoy!

Seeking new primary owner/developer! The original creator of UWtools.com has long since graduated and the tools are no longer actively maintained. Are you an existing UW student who is interested in taking over to maintain the existing tools and develop new ones? Please contact newowner AT uwtools.
Textbook Exchange
Get your textbooks, sell your textbooks, save your time and money.
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Course Wikis
Share notes and discuss homework for any course. Wikify higher education!
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Spam Board
Sell your stuff, find your true love, whatever- a craigslist for the UW community.
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Professor Reviews
Share rants and raves about your professors. Warn and be warned.
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Shortest Route Finder
Get to class faster! Find the shortest route to any building on campus.
Closed Class Tracker
Track closed classes. Be alerted the moment a space becomes available.

All your feedback has been heard, but this time it seems like changes in the time schedule system may have permanently disabled this tool. You can notice clicking the SLN link in the UW Time Schedule now requires your UWNetID login (which we do not want passing through our servers). Try uwrobot.com instead.